Why should Office Managers be paid 10 times more than everyone else

Why should Office Managers be paid 10 times more than everyone else

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Every company has a well-kept secret, to stay afloat on a daily basis: its office manager. Don’t believe your employer if he hints that your only skills are about buying reams of paper. 

1. You are the voice and image of the company

For any person outside, you’re the first person to address, whether it’s through telephone or visual conference. The official representative of the company, deserves a bonus isn’t it? 

2. You are the soul of work parties

It’s simple: either you have party skills and the colleague parties you organize turn into a pleasure, or the HR can bid goodbye to their team spirit. 

3. You nourish everyone

Nothing can be more important at work than the quality of snacks offered to employees. Once again, who is the master of the Ferrero Rocher pyramid? Yours truly. 

4. You fight for the turnover

It’s true that one thinks twice before changing companies, when has a gym subscription, tempting offices and gourmet team lunches. 

5. You are Shiva

You learnt to handle everything at the same time, and you have EVERYTHING one could desire: a printer which works, the CEO’s personal phone number, a stamp…

6. You know everything

Your job positions you at the heart of all the information and relations. In short, you know more than anybody else. This is known as « mastering grey areas » and it is priceless! 

7. You also handle other people’s personal life

Yes, one isn’t talking about the 10 parcels. Beyond The Rack received every day on the desk. If the boss hasn’t gotten a divorce, it’s thanks to you and your subtle notification, the day before his wedding anniversary. Yes, just like in Mad Men. 

8. You make the office, the best place on the Earth

It got on everyone’s nerves, but it’s thanks to you that all the garbage has been recycled, and there is an organic vegetable garden on the terrace. 

Let’s be straight about it: you’re the key of your company’s vault. And this deserves true recognition, human and financial.


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