Test: Are you a caring Office Manager ?

Test: Are you a caring Office Manager ?

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When one is an Office Manager, one needs to be caring towards others. Everyone thinks of being more or less caring, but deep down, is this really the case? Or do you care in a fake manner? Enough with the suspense, take the test to find out.  


1/ Jean-Michel shyly walks towards you, sheepishly. He asks you how to rectify the expense account, as he just invited a client to Subway, up the street. However, it’s the 3rd time in a month, that you’ve explained how to do this. How do you react? 

♦️: You ask him if he is serious and suggest he consult a therapist for his memory issues. 

♥️ : You explain the entire process from scratch, with a big smile as Jean-Michel isn’t always very smart but deep down, you like the person. 

♣️: You make him understand that you’re a little irritated as it’s already the third time in a month, he has asked you the same question, though you explain this the 4th time, once again. 

♠️: You throw your hot coffee mug on his face.  


2/ Amelie tells you with her Zombie face and not without irritation that the coffee capsules are finished, and you’ll need to order some. It’s true that her daily consumption of 15 coffees capsules, decreases the stock at a rapid-fire speed. 

♥️: You tell her that the order will be placed during the day and you offer a capsule from your personal stock. 

♦️: You send her to buy the coffee herself, if she drinks it all, she should handle it. 

♠️ : You display a big smile and tell her that this will be handled quickly, by eventually placing an order of 10 000 coffee capsules and deducting the order amount from her salary.

♣️ : You suggest to decrease her caffeine intake (as it gives her a nasty face, but you don’t say it), and you place a new order as soon as you get a minute.  


3/ A supplier calls you and raises his voice to report a late payment. What would be your response? 

♦️ : You raise your voice and ask the latter to calm down immediately and unintentionally slip in one or two insults. You’ll make the payment when you have the time. 

♠️:  You apologize for several minutes for this delay and make sure everything is paid quickly, but in the end, you don’t do anything as you don’t like this supplier. 

♥️: You apologize for several minutes for this delay and promise that everything will be paid up quickly. 

♣️: You accept the criticism, however, you comment by saying that the delivery was delayed by 15 days as well, to set the record straight. 


4/ You plan out a seminar for your collaborators. During this seminar, a service provider has to handle the lunch meals. However, he’s delayed by an hour and your colleagues are famished. He says sorry for the inconvenience. 

♠️: You spill the red wine brought by the service provider in a bucket and stick the poor man’s head in the bucket and drown him. 

♥️ : You tell him that everyone comes across delays and there is a lot of traffic. 

♣️: You accept his apology but in exchange you ask for a 20% discount, let’s not kid around. 

♦️ : You blame him in front of your colleagues: “See , it’s because of him that you’re all “hungry” while your colleagues begin to give him little slaps. 


5/ An intern has just joined the company. For his first day, he spends some time in every department, to properly understand how the company works. You’re asked to spend an hour with him, explaining what you do. 

♥️:  You accept and take your time, to properly explain your job. You were in his place, not so long ago. 

♦️: You make an excuse that you don’t have the time and spend an hour trying to finish your Candy Crush level. 

♠️: You accept with a big smile and then you ask the latter to sort a huge stack of contracts in alphabetical order. 

♣️: You really don’t have the time but too bad, you’ll leave later. You quickly explain what you do, too bad if he doesn’t understand everything.  



You have a majority of ♥️ :

You’re a very caring Office Manager. Your colleagues can count on you, you’re present during every situation, no matter what. However, be careful and don’t be too nice, it could go against you.  

You have a majority of ♣️ :  

You’re caring but not naïve. You willingly accept to help your colleagues, but they shouldn’t take advantage of you, otherwise you set the record straight, if need be. 

You have a majority of ♦️:

Your caring nature isn’t what one remembers. You’re cunning and you don’t hesitate for a second to play dirty tricks.  

You have a majority of ♠️ :

Why are you doing in this job? Clearly you have psychopathic tendencies, please quit for the well-being of your collaborators. Switch to a job which involves selling torture instruments or something like that.


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