Sandrine’s profile, Office Manager at Learning Tribes !

Sandrine’s profile, Office Manager at Learning Tribes !

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What could be more real than Office Managers talking about Office Management? This week, Sandrine’s profile, Office Manager at Learning Tribes!

Sandrine, where do you work?

I work at Learning Tribes, an internal training group which offers training solutions for individuals and companies, to develop their skills and better serve their strategic goals. We dedicate our resources to respond to your training needs: design, strategy, selecting methodology and suitable technology and finally the implementation of the project.  From face-to-face training to digital training, we offer blended learning solutions, which are perfectly in keeping with your needs. 

When and why did you decide to become Office Manager?

Since 20 years now, I always worked as the executive assistant or multi-tasking administrative assistant. I joined Learning tribes in January 2018 as a multi-tasking assistant with the plan of moving to a new premises last June. I got the chance to take part in this moving, which allowed me to get the Office Manager position, in June. Due to which, I am in touch with various internal and external interlocutors. This profession is extremely enriching and helps working in all areas. 

Does your educational background concern Office Management?


As the Office Manager, who are your interlocutors?

Lots of people, ranging from in-house with the Management and collaborators of our branch but with the group; outside : all the suppliers, premises managers, trainers etc. 

According to you, what are the job complexities on a daily basis? 

Handling all the « little » operational tasks but also simultaneously managing more significant projects. 

What superpowers does an Office Manager need?  

Knowing how to handle priorities, always having a smile on the face, being attentive to everyone, whether it’s inside or outside the company. Having a network of solid, reliable and flexible suppliers. Being helpful and knowing how to innovate. 

What skills would you like to acquire in the next 6 months?  

Best skills in terms of facility management (contributing to the proper functioning of the company, namely management of human resources, financial management) and better knowledge in terms of communication and events management. I would also like to acquire more knowledge in marketing and developing the Chief Happiness Officer role.

According to you, what is the digital transformation of Office Management all about?

Digital transformation corresponds to an in-depth change in activities, processes, skills and organization models, in order to take full advantage of digital technologies. At Learning Tribes, our approach in blended learning helps us using the recent innovations and digital tools, to improve the training experience and encourage opting for new technologies. 

A tool you can’t make do without?

My computer with Outlook, my smartphone and my phone book.

Why do we often hear that an Office Manager is everyone’s "mom"?

Because she is the person who is supposed to help everyone and find answers, contribute to the well-being of all the collaborators and show empathy but also kindness.

If you had 2 hours of free time on a daily basis, what would you do?  

I would do some self-training via MOOCs, through the platform, to increase my knowledge and learn new skills. I would read much more about topics which concern office and facility management. 

How do you see Office Management in 10 years?

Better knowledge of the profession with a more rewarding and gratifying approach, better known and acknowledged in a humane way, by companies and recruiters and last but not least, having access to more adapted training. 

A little word to end?



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