Performance interview for an Office Manager

Performance interview for an Office Manager

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Generally, a performance interview takes place every 6 months. You’re assessed on your work over the last 6 months, to know the things you did well, things where you screwed up, but also your areas of improvement. The Office Manager position is often less structured than others, therefore it can be tough to decide what a performance evaluation for an OM should include. So, your boss has a tough time and asks you, Office Manager, on what you should be evaluated. You’re given all the elements to carry out a proper performance evaluation, for an Office Manager. 

First of all, what’s the use of a performance interview?

For Office Managers but also other positions, the performance interviews has 3 aims. Firstly, it’s about identifying the strengths of the person and the goals achieved during the last period. How has the person managed to contribute to the company, since the last performance interview? Secondly, it’s about pinpointing the weaknesses of the person, what can the Office Manager improve in his or her work? Last but not least, it’s about highlighting the professional and personal goals of the Office Manager and identifying the means to achieve these. These performance interviews are extremely important, when it comes to managing teams properly. It validates the work of collaborators and gives concrete feedbacks and leads to improve, in the future. This is how people improve. It helps gain transparency. However, be careful, this doesn’t mean that one should necessarily wait for a performance interview, in order to give feedbacks to an Office Manager. Communication and transparency need to make an impact on a daily basis, mainly for this position. 

What one should find in an Office Manager’s performance evaluation

A proper performance evaluation for an Office Manager should include questions which help promote a complete version of the position, (and you know very well, that it’s quiitee extensive), responsibilities and all the work of the person. The best is to diversify the performance evaluation, into various categories. Here is what one can find. Careful, this is just a basic outline, it needs to be adapted depending on the company: roles and tasks of an Office Manager, vary according to companies. 

Quantity and Quality of work:

  • An Office Manager is rigorous and regularly checks his work to avoid blunders

  • An Office Manager respects deadlines, he finishes his work on time and avoids paying suppliers, with a 6-month delay.

  • An Office Manager is productive

  • An Office Manager is proud of his work, he does it with love and not because his boss asked him to

  • An Office Manager constantly strives to improve himself, he looks for a new process, to be more efficient and contribute more to the company. 

Reliability of an Office Manager

  • An Office Manager is present, he doesn’t indulge in repeated unjustified absences and doesn’t tip his family doctor for the latter to prepare fake sick leaves. 

  • An Office Manager reaches almost on time at work, his alarm clock works well. 

  • An Office Manager finishes urgent tasks, before leaving the office and joining colleagues at an afterwork. 


  • An Office Manager maintains a good attitude within the company, he respects other colleagues, even idiots and is polite.

  • An Office Manager is enthusiastic and energetic at work.

  • An Office Manager maintains good relations with work colleagues (there is no need to be the best of friends in the world, but some friendliness never hurt)

  • An Office Manager is aware, that the success of a company and his teams, also depend on his own individual success. 

  • An Office Manager is available for his colleagues (this doesn’t mean he should go overboard). 

  • An Office Manager knows how to use the knowledge and skills of his colleagues, to round of his tasks, properly.

  • An Office Manager is capable of explaining and imparting skills to his colleagues

  • An Office Manager is patient with his colleagues, if the latter are slow on the uptake. 

Solving problems and taking decisions 

  • An Office Manager tries to improve processes, gain efficiency (like this old payroll system, which hasn’t been reviewed since 1997)

  • An Office Manager defines his priorities and knows how to adapt, when he has to face mishaps

  • An Office Manager shows discernment and is able to analyze a problem, to find a solution (no problems, just solutions) 

  • When faced with a situation, an Office Manager knows how to consider various options available to him, before taking a decision. 


  • An Office Manager is open to discussion with his work colleagues and doesn’t slam the door on any collaborator, who has a question

  • The information given by an Office Manager are clear and easy to follow

  • An Office Manager knows how to ask questions and ask for help, if need be

  • An Office Manager has good oral and written communication skills

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