Pauline’s portrait, Office Manager at Ooblada "Be reactive, go for it!"

Pauline’s portrait, Office Manager at Ooblada "Be reactive, go for it!"

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Pauline is the Office Manager at Ooblada, an independent studio for mobile games. Here’s her profile! 

Hello Pauline, where do you work?

I work at Ooblada, an independent studio for video games. We handle everything, from production to sales.  

When and why did you decide to become Office Manager?

After an initial experience as a legal officer, I wanted a more diversified profession. Coincidentally, I came across the job description and this jack of all trades aspect of Office Management, caught my eye at once. 

Is your educational background related to Office Management? If yes, how?

I would like to say, not at all. My education was super conventional, law studies. But I realize that my initial training helps me in certain aspects of office management.   

Do your colleagues understand your job?

This question makes me smile as no; they don’t really understand the full extent of my tasks. They understand the ones which is directly related to them (HR, HRIS, office management). 

What is the thing you implemented and you’re proud of?

Something I am most proud about and I take part on a daily basis, but it’s not only due to me, is the atmosphere in the team. According to me, it’s one of our toughest prerogatives, make sure everyone is fine and let everyone have some say in things. 

What would be your advice to someone who is starting their career as Office Manager?

Be reactive, go for it, become independent very quickly and be open to all kinds of issues. 

What would you do with a magical wand at work?

I would make our premises bigger :)

The key element to spend a pleasant day at work?  

The desire to see one’s colleagues every morning, and little "thanks" from the team. 

A sentence one must never say to an Office Manager?

Can you make me a coffee?

A trick to share, to release pressure during stressful moments?  

A short coffee break with colleagues!  

Do you organize events for your team?

Yes, the biggest ones are my responsibility (Christmas party, birthday lunches).

What is the thing, you would dream to implement for your collaborators?  

A team building weekend.


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