Marion’s profile, Office Manager at Tilak Healthcare

Marion’s profile, Office Manager at Tilak Healthcare

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Here’s Marion’s profile, Office Manager at Tilak Healthcare

Hello Marion, where do you work?

I work at Tilak Healhcare, we develop therapeutic video games on the mobile, to remotely monitor patients.

When and why did you decide to become an Office Manager?

Around 3 years ago. After more than 10 years as a recruiter, in companies like Blizzard Entertainment and recruitment agencies, I decided to turn towards a more multi-tasking and conventional position, so the Office Manager role, seemed ideal to me. I am not disappointed with my decision. 

Is your educational background related to Office Management?

No, I studied Languages.

A good working day for an Office Manager doesn’t start without…? 

A coffee :) (and checking mails as soon as one wakes up, to avoid any surprises!).  

What is really challenging for an Office Manager?

Make his or her collaborators understand one’s role and being listened/heard can be challenging at times.  

What can cheer up an Office Manager?

Smile on the faces of collaborators and seeing them happy due to little gestures 

Something you implemented and you’re proud of?

Expense reports management for trips.

When two Office Managers have coffee together, what do they talk about?  

Collaborators who at times treat us like moms or their personal assistant and/or their errand girls. 

If you weren’t an Office Manager, what would you be?

Personal trainer :)

What would be your advice to someone who wants to begin their career as an Office Manager?  

To be resistant to stress, know how to manage priorities and how to say no. oh! And be pedagogist and diplomatic ;)

According to you, what’s magic?

To be understood the first time ;)

A word to finish?

One shouldn’t do this job for recognition otherwise, you’ll be disappointed. Office Manager is probably the one who receives it the least as not really visible. But it’s a great job and each day is different! There is no monotony. 


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