Marion’s profile, Office Manager at Kaliop Digital Commerce !

Marion’s profile, Office Manager at Kaliop Digital Commerce !

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In web agencies, one comes across Office Managers as well! Encounter with Marion, Office Manager at Kaliop Digital Commerce

Hello Marion, where do you work?

My name is Marion and I am the Office Manager at Kaliop Digital Commerce, a design agency for E-commerce websites. 

When and why did you decide to become an Office Manager?

I have a diploma in accounting, I also worked in SME’s and naturally took charge of transversal and “ungrateful’ tasks, which nobody handled. In fact, I was hired at Kaliop Digital Commerce as an Accountant, 3 years ago. I handled so many tasks that one decided to change my job as the Office Manager, and this suits me perfectly! 

Is your educational background related to Office Management? 

Not at all, my initial training was in Accounting.

A good day for an Office Manager never starts without …?

Some coffee, going around the agency and saying hello, a little tour of the kitchen to check if everything is in its place and then my schedule , to begin the day well! 

What are the challenges for an Office Manager?

Being heard and understood! We handle so many things that at a time, it’s complicated to make colleagues understand the tasks incumbent upon us! Filling in the red tape, even if the foundation is good! Handling accounting, which requires a lot of concentration, while being available and accessible at any given time! Always being cheerful and welcoming, when at times I would like to be more direct! It’s a long process! But these aren’t really genuine challenges!

What cheers up an Office Manager?

A smile, a thank you, a little break with colleagues! Indeed, an Office Manager isn’t really demanding, recognition is key, and this can be demonstrated through little gestures, on a daily basis! Our agency is great when it comes to this, we are the links of the same chain and we are kind with one another, which sums up to daily recognition! 

Something you implemented and you’re proud about?

The computing equipment and the material buying process! I’ve listed out all the material, by department and by Collaborator and unified the material and requests! We save a huge amount of time by taking the same configurations for everyone, the same connectors and accessories! The goal was to highlight requests by sticking to the requests. I think, everyone is satisfied today! I take great pride in contributing to the comfort of collaborators! 

When two Office Managers have coffee together, what do they talk about? 

Of what each one does! Office Management is defined in a different way in every company because the desire of each SME isn’t the same. So, while having coffee, we talk about the various tasks we have to handle! But the main topic is about multi-tasking and organization! We can learn a lot from one another! 

Does the professional of an Office Manager, lack recognition?

I think that the job of an Office Manager is defined as being the pocketknife by many in a company, which means by doing many little things, one doesn’t take into the account the importance of the profession! Well not always! Generally speaking, collaborators acknowledge the difficulty and the workload, it’s not the same thing from the outsider’s viewpoint. 

If you weren’t an Office Manager, you would be?

In events management ! I would have loved organizing art events! Or concerts! Good for you, I am an Office Manager.  

What would be your advice to someone who would like to begin a career as Office Manager?  

This job needs nerves of steel, major sense of organization and sharing. What I recommend is being as available as possible and accepting that you’re like a mom, as each collaborator needs this! We are called upon for everything and anything, on a daily basis! You need to be patient and learn to handle priorities, so that nobody feels left out! It’s a very fulfilling job professionally and humanely speaking! Don’t hesitate to call upon your reflection, day after day, and using tools within reach. Web is your best ally for this! 

What’s magic, according to you?

Magic is seeing a collaborator happy, because you attained his request, seeing your General Director trust you, because you were able to respond to his requests brilliantly, feeling useful on a daily basis, serving a purpose. 

A little word to end?

After 15 years of experience in accounting in an SME, I didn’t realize that everything that I was doing was Office Management and for this, I would like to thank Kaliop Digital Commerce for having trusted me and allowing to acquire skills on a daily basis, but also knowledge, which I didn’t think was accessible. Office Management has brought direction in my professional life, I would never go back in time, for anything in the world!


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