How to survive a hangover at work

How to survive a hangover at work

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It must be said, that you went overboard last night at the afterwork. Firstly, what were you thinking about going to an Afterwork on a Monday. You had promised that you’ll only drink a little Mimosa and then go back home and relax in front of Netflix and be in bed by 10:30 pm sharp. However, it’s midnight and you’re still at the bar, sipping your 7th mimosa, while dancing on the bar with a group of Dutch tourists. One can only advise you against this kind of situation: alcohol abuse is bad for health. The fact still remains that you’ll need to go to work, despite the major hangover which awaits you. You could have called in sick, but you did this recently. Here is how you can survive a hangover at work. 

Set your alarm a little earlier than usual

Ok, this may seem completely counter-intuitive but getting up a little earlier than usual (like 15 minutes before) will give you a little more time to get ready and survive the day. In any case, whatever you do, you’re going to do so slowly, very slowly so you need to add on 30 minutes of delay with a face which looks like a bag of walnuts. Begin the day slowly and make sure you drink as much water as possible. 

Take a long hot shower

You reek of alcohol from miles away, so it’s important you take a long shower and avoid any kind of disaster. Take a hot shower to relax, create a sort of sauna in your bathroom and get rid of the toxins. If you’re not able to stand in your shower, put your lawn chair in it and take a while to just revitalize (and try to recall the last evening).

Go overboard with creams, make-up etc...

You’re not a good sight, so try to fix the damage and go overboard with sheer misery hiders: creams, make up and any other mediums, this goes for men too. Shower yourself with aftershave, to hide alcohol smells which you’re going to sweat out, all day long. 

Wear comfortable clothes

Avoid tight clothes and wear comfortable clothes while being reasonable (your boss may not really like you coming in your PJ’s). If you feel comfy in your clothes, this is a first step for making your day pleasant enough. 

Drink, but water this time

The main reason for your horrible headache is dehydration, triggered by the liters of alcohol you subject your body to, last night. To remedy this, drink as much water as possible and other drinks without any alcohol. Some may prefer juices and others iced teas. It’s your choice to see what works for you: this comes with experience. 

Keep a safe distance from your interlocutors

Your colleagues with whom you went to the afterwork, know very well that you went overboard and they too aren’t a pretty sight after last night either. However, your other colleagues and your boss don’t know this: they don’t need to know your fondness for strong cocktails. If you want to make sure they don’t smell this odor emanating from your body mixed with the perfume you showered yourself with this morning, keep a safe distance of at least a meter when you speak with them. No hugging or kissing on the cheeks. 

Set your inbox and Internet navigator on the night mode

Given your hangover and your little droopy eyes, the blue lights of your screen are blinding and make your headache worse. Try to remedy this and set as many applications as possible (inbox, internet navigator etc.…) in the night mode. Settings or extensions allow you to do this. Another solution: if your screen allows you to do so, set it in black and white like the olden days. 

Take a little nap

Find a cozy nook at noon and take a nap to revitalize a little and make up for your short night. 20 minutes and not a second longer. Otherwise, you may wake up at 4 pm with the feeling of rising from your ashes. 

Reward yourself for having survived

Here you are, it’s the end of the day and you survived at work with your hangover. Reward yourself, order pizzas and take it easy in front of your favorite soap opera, at home. But mostly avoid going to the afterwork on the same day, planned out for the thousandth time by your colleague Jack, who doesn’t know when to stop.

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