How to create a Linkedin profile of a Superstar Office Manager

How to create a Linkedin profile of a Superstar Office Manager

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You should already know this: Today, Linkedin is essential, when it comes to handing one’s professional life but also developing one’s network. Whether you’re looking for new work discreetly, spying on your past colleagues or pretending to work, while looking at motivation pseudo videos in your News Feed: everything begins with Linkedin. Suffice to say, having a well-made Linkedin profile is key and you, Office Manager, are no exception to the rule. Now, this is how one makes a superstar Linked Office Manager profile, within 8 steps. 

1. Put a profile picture which isn’t too yucky 

Often, people create a Linkedin profile without even adding a picture. Would you speak with a hooded guy? No. So, add a decent profile picture. Forget about selfies or photos where you cut the people next to you, through Paint, so that one only sees you (people who do this, on sees you). Today, our telephones take very beautiful photos. Get your hair in order, smile and ask a colleague to take a photo of you. Careful with the photo’s background, a white background is a safe bet. 

The cover photo is important as well, as you can convey quite a lot of information through this: your universe, your profession, your skills…

2. Make your résumé look good

It’s super important. Write down a text where you talk about who you are, write a beautiful story, this is about storytelling. What you like in your everyday life, where you would like to head…This is the section which is going to inspire the desire to scroll down and discover your wonderful background. Get ready for this! 

3. Describe your tasks

There are so many job descriptions for an Office Manager. This profession is so vast, that it’s not easy for recruiters to know, what you’ve actually done in such and such company. Make their job easy and detail out your tasks. On Linkedin, you’re not forced to have a one-page CV, so go for it (though, don’t end up writing a novel). Highlight the various results you achieved and the projects you led, with flying colors. 

4. Ask for recommendations

As an office Manager, you have the chance to get in touch with just any company. So, at the end of a thousandth favor one asks from you, say yes, provided one recommends at least 3 skills on your Linkedin profile. Better yet: you can ask for a written recommendation. On Linkedin, just like Amazon, one looks at the client’s opinion before buying. 

5. Add people

Oh yes! It’s silly but a profile with more than 500 connections is more attractive than someone with 40 connections. So, make an effort, add your colleagues, your current and past ones, your past fellow classmates (even those you didn’t like) and all the people you come across during your professional life. If you go about things this way, you’ll be more visible. This doesn’t mean, add people left right and center, remain credible. 

6. Give your contact details

Recruiters are fed up of guzzling their Inmail credits, to get in touch with you on the Linkedin messaging service. Spare them this and fill in your contact details on your profile (mail and why not even your phone number), so that one can get in touch with you easily. 

7. You’re not just an Office Manager

Beyond your job as an Office manager, you surely have hobbies or fight for a cause…Give the details on your Linkedin profile, in the section devoted to this, as you would on a CV. It’s possible that your overflowing desire for fishing carp, hits the target with a recruiter. 

8. Personalize your URL

By default, your profile’s URL looks something like this… Not great. You can personalize this URL. To do so, click on “Modify public profile and URL” from your profile. You’ll be more believable, when you create a link towards your Linkedin, on your CV.  


Do you have more tips on being a Superstar Office Manager on Linkedin? Don’t hesitate sharing your comments!  

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